To better serve individuals and groups at our tattoo shop in Tempe, we're offering:

WALK-IN WEDNESDAY: Catered to those looking to get their first tattoo.

FLASH FRIDAY: Artists have flash art available for walk-ins.

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Come get your Pinterest-inspired tattoos.

Walk-ins always welcome, but we recommend texting ahead when possible: 480-382-9219

Welcome to Sentient Tattoo Collective. Walk-in tattoos welcome 7 days a week.

Welcome to

Sentient Tattoo Collective

The top-rated tattoo shop in Tempe, AZ. Walk-in tattoos welcome 7 days a week.

Sentient Tattoo Collective is a tattoo studio and fine art gallery in Tempe, AZ. Home to award-winning tattoo artists with a combined experience of over 50 years, this cooperative space is a creative environment for artists of all types. If you are looking to get tattooed, we suggest that you call ahead for availability. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth tattoo, our artists will help bring your tattoo ideas to life. Looking for a walk-in tattoo shop in Tempe? Walk-ins are welcome 7 days a week.

One of the most important elements of Sentient Tattoo Collective is the community. The artists have partnered up with Free Arts For Abused Children to offer art classes and tutorials for kids who may not have a creative outlet at home. Art has transformed and inspired the lives of the Sentient Tattoo Collective artists, and our hope is that sharing our creative expression through mentorship and volunteerism will have a positive impact on the Tempe community.

Sentient Tattoo Collective is committed to your safety. All artists are professional tattooers that receive annual bloodborne pathogen training and CPR certifications. Our studio is clean and sanitary. Artists use medical-grade, packaged, and sterilized versions of each tool used on clients. Needles are never re-used. Your artist will use disposable gloves and will ensure the area of your skin being tattooed is clean and disinfected. The customer comes first at Sentient Tattoo Collective so you can be sure that your artist will make sure you feel safe and comfortable for your tattoo experience.

We are proud to offer a vegan tattoo experience for anyone who is interested. All of our tattoo artists use vegan-friendly ink and can use vegan-friendly soap upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask!

Several of our tattoo artist specialize in fine line tattoos and single needle tattoos. These intricate tattoos can be incredibly detailed . If you are looking for an artist that specializes in fine line tattoo or single needle tattoos, be sure to check out our artist page to find the right fit for you.

Come by and check out our unique tattoo shop just east of ASU’s main campus in Tempe and south of Tempe Marketplace. Contact us at (480) 382-9219 or sentienttattoo@gmail.com.

Best ever. This place is clean, professional, extremely friendly! They even hand out snacks and waters! Ange is the absolute BEST! I’ve been able to trust her completely and give her total freedom on my sleeve. Absolutely obsessed and so happy about everything!

Robynne Bladh Avatar Robynne Bladh
June 17, 2022

Very clean place! They were all very attentive and nice. Ange was super patient and nice, she took her time with matching the colors. She did a bunch of dainty flower tattoos and a fine line tattoo on me, and the colors were just beautiful! Very much in love with her work!

Andrea Sierra Avatar Andrea Sierra
June 25, 2023

I’ve been here twice and I’ve seen Ivan both times and he is amazing! Very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Would recommend this place!

Terranique Harraway Avatar Terranique Harraway
January 17, 2022


Tyson Weed

Tyson is the co-founder of Sentient Tattoo Collective. He brings over ten years of tattoo experience to Tempe. Tyson has had a passion for art ever since he was a kid.Tyson specializes in Asian tattoos, constantly inspired by dragons, koi fish, finger waves, flowers and other elements of Japanese culture.

Ivan Kapusta

Always ready for a new adventure, Ivan originally hails from San Jose, Costa Rica. His passion for nature-inspired art shines through in his tattoos. Ivan specializes in traditional and black and gray tattoos.

Ange - Fine line and watercolor tattoos

Ange Cossette

Ange has a Bachelor’s degree in Painting and Ceramics and is inspired by modern art. She is an expert in contemporary, fine line, and watercolor tattoos. If you’re looking for a watercolor or fine line/single-needle tattoo artist in Tempe, Ange is the one!

Xtian Carden

Xtian has been tattooing consistently since 2008. With vast experience, he is capable of tattooing in any style with enough preparation. He specifically enjoys stylized realism and black and gray.


Rosaland started working in the Body Art industry as a piercer in 2004, eventually becoming a tattooer in 2009. Rosaland’s first tattoo was Gir from Invader Zim.

Niki Davy

Niki is a mold maker at Bollinger Atelier and holds a BFA from ASU. Ask about her next exhibit! She is a Phoenix native and first generation American.

Danielle Breen

Danielle relocated to Arizona from Texas. Her tattooing style is neotraditional with an emphasis on blackwork and color. She is taking your walk-in tattoos today!

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