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Camelot Village

Suburban Camelot Village can be found in Tempe, Arizona. The median home price in Camelot Village is $606,495, making it more costly than 87% of Arizona neighborhoods and 70% of all U.S. neighborhoods. Camelot Village now has an average monthly rental cost of $3,560. This area of Arizona has rental prices that are greater than 82 percent of the state. Camelot Village has an 8.5% vacancy rate for both houses and apartments. This vacancy rate is lower than in 47% of all American areas, putting it roughly in the middle of the spectrum.

Single-family homes in Camelot Village often have three or four bedrooms, whereas multi-family buildings and high-rise apartments in the area typically have four or more bedrooms. Most of the homes are occupied by either owners or renters. Many of the homes in Camelot Village are long-standing but not ancient; they were constructed between 1970 and 1999. Between the years 2000 and now, a good number of homes were also constructed.

Over 2,200 people call Camelot Village home; it’s a gorgeous Tempe community with a median age of 49. Camelot village is known for being a family-friendly, well-maintained area that is also safe, quiet, and very walkable.

The majority of Camelot Village’s adult population consists of highly successful businesspeople. They have large, expensive houses that continue to increase in value over time. Their high-stakes jobs keep them occupied, but they still manage to make ends meet. This area is Arizona’s “best choice” for executive lifestyles, meaning it was ranked higher than 99% of the state’s other areas for people with high-powered jobs who prefer to live among like-minded peers.

Camelot Village has a larger concentration of high-level workers (executives, managers, and professionals) than 99.2 percent of American neighborhoods. Because of this, the area is truly one of a kind.

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