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Cyprus Southwest, a neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona, is an excellent area to live since its overall cost of living is 4% lower than in other Arizona neighborhoods of a similar size. Cypress Southwest’s typical household income of $50,680 and low unemployment rate of 4.6% make it an attractive place for young professionals to settle down.

Single-family residences in the Cyprus Southwest range in size from three to four bedrooms to studio to two-bedroom apartments and high-rises. Most of the homes are occupied by either owners or renters. Many of the homes in Cyprus Southwest are well-established but not ancient; they were constructed between 1970 and 1999.

The percentage of residents in Cyprus Southwest who are currently enrolled in higher education is higher than in 97% of all American communities. Because of the high percentage of college students (14%), this area caters primarily to young adults.

Furthermore, the Cyprus Southwest area of Arizona is well known for its welcoming and safe atmosphere for college students. Many college students live in this area because it is convenient for them to commute on foot. Additionally, the neighborhood is safer than average. All of these factors make it an attractive option for college students. Given the high concentration of student residents, the surrounding area may be well-suited to the needs of its occupants.

While it’s true that this isn’t the best place for everyone, it’s a great place for ambitious students to have fun during the off-season between semesters and during school breaks, and parents can rest easy thanks to the area’s above-average safety rating. Each of these factors contributes to the area’s placement in the top 8 percent of Arizona’s college-friendly communities.

The Tempe History Museum is quite well-liked by the locals. Explore more than 70,000 historical objects, as well as rotating displays, exhibits, pictures, and archival documents, to learn about Tempe’s past. You can get in without paying anything.

The 25-acre Tempe Beach Park has everything you need for a day of outdoor fun: a splash playground, athletic grounds, picnic tables, and even boat rentals. The Kiwanis Park is another beautiful green area. This park is a great spot for outdoor activities, as it features a lake in addition to a 54,000 square foot recreation facility with an indoor wave pool and 15 tennis courts.

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