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Dava Lakeshore, which consists of lovely single-family homes and apartments, has a higher liveability rating than 97% of Tempe’s other neighborhoods. Dava Lakeshore has become a desirable area due to its reasonable median property price of $550,000 and convenient location. As of July 2022, the average days on market for a home in Dava Lakeshore is 33, and homes often sell for close to asking price.

Single-family homes and townhouses in the Dava-Lakeshore area typically range in size from three to four bedrooms to five or more bedrooms. The vast majority of the homes are occupied by their owners. Many of the homes in the Dava-Lakeshore area are well-established but not ancient; they were constructed between 1970 and 1999. Between the years 2000 and now, a good number of homes were also constructed.

Dava-Lakeshore is a middle-to-upper-class neighborhood in Tempe. Its residents earn more than the national average. According to a unique analysis, the median household income in this area is much higher than in 63% of all American areas. This area has a greater percentage of childhood poverty than 62% of all communities in the United States, with 16% of the children living below the federal poverty line.

The majority of people in the Dava-Lakeshore area claim Mexican heritage or ancestry. There are also many people who report having English heritage (15%), people who are of German ancestry (14.8%), people who are of Irish ancestry (10%), and people who are of Italian ancestry (9.0%), among many others. Eighty percent of the local residents in the Dava-Lakeshore area speak English at home. One in seven persons here (14%) also speak Spanish.

Nearly half of the local workforce in the Dava-Lakeshore area is employed in the highest-level managerial and professional positions. Thirty percent of the local workforce is engaged in sales and service roles ranging from managing large sales accounts to serving customers at fast food restaurants. In addition, 15% of the local population is employed in office and administrative support roles, and 12% in production and manual labor.

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