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Marquee Theatre

Initially known as the Red River Music Hall, or the Red River Opry, Marquee Theatre is a renowned music venue in Arizona’s city of Tempe. The theatre is located in close proximity to the Mill Avenue Bridge, on the northern side of Tempe Town Lake, just close to the intersection of Washington Street and Mill Avenue. Its location near Tempe’s primary business and entertainment district makes it an ideal destination catering to the entire metropolis.

Marquee Theatre originally opened in January 1993 as a family-oriented space with an auditorium-like seating style. During that time, its main focus was on country music and the venue was home to a thratrical-styled revue known as the ‘Arizona’s Country Music Show’. At the time, the show was described as a “scripted blend of family-friendly crossover country and pop, punctuated with a bit of comedy.”
In 2001, the Opry filed for bankruptcy, and later on in the year, it eventually closed down. In 2002, Nobody in Particular purchased the venue, and after a series of renovations, Marquee Theatre re-opened in March 2003.

One year later, Tom LaPenna acquired the venue. Ever since March 2004 Tom’s company, Lucky Man Concerts (previously known as Lucky Man Productions) has owned and operated Marquee Theatre.
Marquee Theatre features state of the art festival seating. The back of the building is roughly 80 ft. from the main stage. The space is open to members of the public from all walks of life, cutting across all ages. Alcoholic beverages are available, and they are usually served with upon provision of proper ID. Arizona state has strict smoking laws. As such, there is no smoking allowed within Marquee Theatre. However, there is a large outdoor patio where smokers can enjoy their ciggies. Marquee Theatre is a popular venue, especially among the ASU college, and the facility flaunts numerous college-age demographics.

The Ozomatli marked the debut of the new Marquee Theatre in 2003. Ever since, this music venue has hosted more than 1,500 countrywide-touring artists, including Muse, Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Prince, Adele, Katy Perry, Green Day, Selena Gomez, A Perfect Circle, Jonas Brothers, Sigur Ros, Godsmack, Fallout Boy, Flogging Molly, Odd Future, Modest Mouse, Phoenix, Social Distortion, Paul Oakenfold, Eric Church, Megadeth, Deftones, Benny Benassi, among others.Today, this remains one of the greatest music venues in Tempe, and the state of Arizona at large.

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