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Tempe, AZ, is home to the Tempe History Center, a zero-fee historical center that welcomes visitors to go back in time, exploring Tempe’s past. While at it, members of the community come together to live in Tempe’s present as well as imagine the city’s future. The center is known for its numerous annual events and festivities, most of which are free, and appeal to audiences of all ages and walks of life.

Research services, exhibits, programs, collections, and other memorabilia are just some of the ways through which the museum explores Tempe’s history. Through these mediums, audiences from the community and beyond get to interact and connect.

There are four thematic areas available for exploration: Community Building, Living Together, College Town, and Surviving in the Desert. Kids can have a great time at the Kid’s Place Children’s Gallery, where they can play, explore, as well as pend quality time with family and newly-acquired friends. Art lovers will appreciate the rotating arts at the main exhibit hall and the Community Room’s exhibit space.

Tempe History Center works together with the diverse city residents to preserve and narrate their stories. There are always activities, exhibits, collectibles, speakers, programs, research services, and more that are aimed at comprehensively exploring history, captivating guests, and connecting delight audiences in Tempe and beyond. The Center embraces the crucial responsibility that comes with the collection and provision of care for all of Tempe’s spoken, written, and pictorial records.

As a stimulating public forum, Tempe History Museum acts as a catalyst for real and lively dialogue. This community-oriented history museum gives Tempe a sense of identity, while building lasting connections between locals and their community at large. It is a space that recognizes the power of history, and it does a good job when it comes to the provision of insights for decision making on issues related to contemporary life in a dynamic and ever-changing society.

Seeing as Tempe History Museum is a community-based history museum, the staff here is well aware of their responsibility to involve the community in the collection, preservation, and sharing of these stories with the general public. The staff is all inclusive, comprising members of the Southeast Asia, Hispanic, African American, and Muslim communities.

The museum has a huge volunteer workforce that takes care of all aspects if the venue’s operation; this team goes over and beyond to ensure that things run smoothly. They bring their collective experience, talent, and points of view for the Museum’s well-being. The curators work in conjunction with advisory committees and volunteers to ensure that they are more of facilitators rather than authoritative history interpreters.

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