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Tempe Marketplace beckons to all shopping fanatics. This open-air market/ shopping center, is found at the heart of Tempe, along Salt River, in close proximity to the interchange of Pima/Price Freeway (Loop 101) and Red Mountain Freeway (Loop 2), just close to the Salt River Prima-Maricopa Indian Community and Tempe’s border with Mesa.

Whether you seek a social space, the latest trends in fashion, a place to grab some bites with friends, a live music venue, or just a place to go an unwind, Tempe Marketplace is the answer you seek. The marketplace is more than just a mere shopping destination; it is an outdoor haven that welcomes you to shop, dine, and ultimately experience life on another dimension.

There is always something going down at the Tempe Marketplace. This modern and inviting community hub comes complete with cozy amenities, pop-up art installations, lush landscaping, classy fireplaces, unique water features, edgy events, a nonchalant care-free atmosphere that appeals to all soft-life lovers. It is a place that encourages community members to go out, meet up, and just live it up!

Tempe Marketplace features 1.3M sq.ft. of retail space, more than 100 restaurants and shops, and over 300 annual events, making it an ideal outdoor family-fun space for Valley residents and out-of-town guests alike. The shopping, dining, and entertainment scene provided at Tempe Marketplace is simply unparalleled; engaging, interactive, and just out of this world.Bright, dramatic, eye-catching lights, coupled with stunning laser elements illuminate the space inviting all and sundry to the shopping venue.

The Vestar Development Company, responsible for the ownership and operations of Tempe Marketplace, opened this mall in September 2007. The entire space spans130 acres, with the retail space occupying approximately 1300000 square feet. The land in which the Marketplace sits on was a landfill at some point considered to be so environmentally toxic that it was listed on the US EPA Superfund list back in 1983. Two decades later, when things got better, it was de-listed.

During the first development stages, there was need for serious collaboration between the City of Tempe and property developers for the land acquisition process to be seamless. There were nearly 55 land owners who needed to be consulted with, a process that led to Arizona’s largest Brownfield land cleanup ever.

Today, Tempe Marketplace features more than 100 retailers. There are two distinct dining and shopping areas: the outer ring consisting of ‘Big Box’ retailers, and ‘The District’, which is centrally placed, and it caters to smaller eateries and shops.

At the center of ‘The District’ is a huge courtyard featuring a large performance stage on which an array of local, national, and international music acts have been performed. Popular free concerts here include Power an 5000, Borns, The Struts, Pop Evil, Trapt Drowning Pool, and more. Passersby can enjoy displays on special community events and sport teams on the large LED Video Screen available at the facility.

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