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Walk In Tattoo Shop Mesa AZ

Are you in Mesa, AZ, looking for a friendly walk-in tattoo shop near you? Did you know that Sentient Tattoo Collective (STC) boasts a team of artists with over 20 years of combined experience in the industry? Their expertise is unmatched in the area, making them a top choice for your next tattoo. But that’s the beginning of what makes this tattoo shop stand out. Find out why their unique approach to tattooing sets them apart and how they can bring your vision to life in ways you never imagined.

Award Winning Walk In Tattoo Shop Mesa AZ

Sentient Tattoo Collective | Walk-in Tattoo Shop Tempe AZ

Discover an unparalleled tattoo experience at STC, an award-winning walk-in shop in Mesa, AZ, where creativity knows no bounds. Step into a world where tattoo styles transcend traditional boundaries, from bold neo-traditional designs to delicate fine line work. Our creative process is a collaborative journey where artists and clients unite to craft unique masterpieces that reflect personal stories and passions. Dive into the artist portfolios, each a treasure trove of diverse styles and techniques, showcasing the exceptional talent that graces the studio.

Explore a realm where imagination takes flight, where every ink stroke is a testament to artistic vision and skill. The artists at STC aren’t just technicians; they’re storytellers, weaving narratives through skin and ink. Your journey at this esteemed studio isn’t simply about getting a tattoo—it’s about experiencing a transformative art form that speaks to the depths of your soul. At STC, the art of tattooing is elevated to a sublime level, where innovation and tradition dance in perfect harmony.

Most Talented Tattoo Artists In Mesa AZ

When you enter our studio near Mesa, AZ, you’ll be met by a team of experienced tattoo artists who are masters of their craft and passionate about creating meaningful art.

Each artist at the studio exudes professionalism and friendliness, ensuring that your tattoo experience isn’t only exceptional and comfortable.

From intricate black ink designs to vibrant watercolor pieces, our talented team members are dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life with skill and creativity.


Our professional artists are known for their intricate details, bold colors, and innovative styles. Through creative collaborations with clients, they transform ideas into breathtaking works of art that tell unique stories.


With us, you’ll find a team of experienced artists who are masters of their craft, each with a unique style that sets them apart. Their top-notch techniques ensure that every line is precise, every shade perfect.

When you entrust your tattoo to our professionals, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of true artists.


When you walk in, the welcoming environment envelops you with friendly faces ready to turn your creative vision into reality. Artistic collaborations flourish here, where skilled tattoo artists work hand-in-hand with you to design a piece that’s uniquely yours.

The studio buzzes with creative inspiration, igniting your imagination and fueling the creation of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. At STC, you don’t just get a tattoo; you become part of a community that values self-expression and artistry.

Clean Tattoo Studio Mesa AZ

At STC, cleanliness isn’t just a priority but a foundational principle, ensuring your tattoo experience is as safe and pristine as the artistry it embodies.

  1. Sterile Environment: The studio gleams with impeccable cleanliness. Every surface is sanitized to perfection, creating a space free of contaminants.
  2. Tattoo Hygiene: Artists adhere to strict hygiene protocols, using disposable needles and equipment meticulously sterilized after each use to guarantee safety.
  3. Artist Portfolios: You’ll find an array of artist portfolios showcasing their diverse styles and expertise, allowing you to choose the perfect match to bring your tattoo vision to life.
  4. Spotless Setting: Every inch of our studio, from the waiting area to the tattoo stations, is immaculate, reflecting a commitment to providing a pristine and comfortable environment for your tattoo journey.

Our Location Near Mesa

Sentient Tattoo Collective | Walk-in Tattoo Shop Tempe AZ

Nestled just a short drive from Mesa, Arizona, our vibrant tattoo studio, STC, awaits your visit with open arms. As you journey to our location, you’ll discover a hub of creativity where local artists converge to form a tight-knit tattoo community. The energy here is palpable, buzzing with the excitement of creative collaborations waiting to unfold.

Step into our studio, and you’ll be greeted by a plethora of artwork adorning the walls, showcasing the diverse talents of our resident artists. Each piece tells a story, a testament to the skill and passion that permeates every corner of our space. Here, you’ll find a sanctuary where individuality thrives, and your vision can come to life through the skilled hands of our talented team.

We go beyond just creating tattoos; we foster a community where artistry flourishes and connections are made. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of tattoo culture, where passion and creativity intertwine to leave a lasting mark on all who venture through our doors.

Sentient Tattoo Collective
227 S Smith Rd. #101
Tempe, AZ, 85288
(480) 382-9219
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Why Choose Us?

When you choose us, you’re choosing more than just a tattoo studio – a transformative journey where your unique vision is brought to life by skilled hands and passionate hearts.

Here’s why you should make us your tattoo destination:

  1. Custom Designs: Our artists specialize in creating one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your style and story, ensuring that your tattoo is as unique as you are.
  2. Artist Consultations: Experience personalized consultations where our talented team listens intently to your ideas, offering expert advice and guidance to shape your vision into reality.
  3. Tattoo Inspiration: Explore our gallery of diverse tattoo styles and designs, which will ignite your creativity and help you discover the perfect inspiration for your next piece.
  4. Passionate Craftsmanship: Every tattoo is infused with a deep passion for the art form, resulting in exceptional, high-quality work that surpasses expectations.

Types of Tattoos We Offer

Step into a realm where creativity knows no bounds!

From intricate Japanese motifs to edgy skull tattoos and whimsical anime pieces, our talented artists are ready to bring your unique vision to life.

Black and Grey Tattoos

Discover our exquisite range of black and grey tattoos, each intricately crafted to capture the essence of your unique story and style.

Explore the artistry of black and grey tattoos at our studio, where we specialize in:

1. Realism vs Abstract: From lifelike portraits to abstract interpretations, we bring your vision to life with precision.
2. Portrait Techniques: Our skilled artists excel in capturing every portrait’s subtle details and emotions, ensuring a realistic portrayal.
3. Symbolic Imagery: Dive into a world of meaningful symbols and representations, each piece holding a unique story and significance.
4. Textures and Shades: Experience the depth and dimension of black and grey tattoos, where textures and shades blend harmoniously to create captivating designs.

Skull Tattoos

Explore the captivating world of skull tattoos, where each design tells a unique story through intricate artistry and symbolism. Skull tattoos hold deep meanings, symbolizing mortality, protection, or a reminder to live life fully.

Embracing traditional and modern design trends, our artists skillfully craft skull tattoos with intricate linework, shading, and vibrant colors to suit your style. When considering placement, think about the size and intricacy of the design; skulls work well on arms, legs, back, or chest for larger pieces, while smaller skulls can accentuate wrists, fingers, or ankles.

Let our talented team guide you in choosing or customizing a skull tattoo that resonates with your individuality and speaks volumes about your story.

Anime Tattoos

Immerse yourself in a world where anime artistry meets tattoo craftsmanship! At STC we offer a diverse range of captivating Anime Tattoos that reflect your unique style and passion. When you step into our studio, you’ll find a treasure trove of inspiration waiting for you, including:

  1. Anime character tattoos: Bring your favorite characters to life on your skin with intricate details and vibrant colors.
  2. Studio Ghibli tattoos: Capture the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli with whimsical designs that evoke nostalgia and wonder.
  3. Neon Genesis tattoos: Embrace the futuristic and thought-provoking themes of Neon Genesis through bold and dynamic tattoo art.
  4. Custom anime creations: Work with our talented artists to design a one-of-a-kind anime tattoo that speaks to your individuality and love for the art form.

Traditional Tattoos

Our skilled artists master traditional tattoo techniques, bringing historical tattoo designs to life with intricate detail and precision. Each traditional tattoo holds deep cultural symbolism, telling stories of heritage and identity through art.

From bold tribal patterns to classic American traditional motifs, our collection embodies the essence of time-honored tattoo practices.

Let’s guide you through the rich tapestry of traditional tattoos, where every line and symbol carries meaning and legacy. Experience the art of the past intertwined with the present at STC.

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos blend traditional and modern styles, each design rich in symbolism and cultural significance.

When you choose a Japanese tattoo at our studio, you embark on a journey through time and tradition, where every line and color holds meaning beyond aesthetics. Experience the beauty of traditional motifs like koi fish and cherry blossoms, or opt for a modern twist with innovative interpretations of dragons and geishas.

Each tattoo tells a story, a narrative transcending skin-deep artistry to reflect your inner world and passions.

Color Tattoos

Explore the realm of abstract watercolors, where dreamy hues blend seamlessly to create a masterpiece on your skin. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the allure of neon portraits, where faces glow with an otherworldly radiance under blacklight.

Our talented artists are adept at capturing the essence of these styles, infusing each tattoo with a burst of color that captivates the eye and stirs the soul. Let your imagination run wild as you envision the perfect color tattoo to adorn your body.

Flower Tattoos

Explore the world of floral symbolism with our talented artists, who infuse each design with meaning and depth. Step into a realm of botanical beauty, where intricate petals and leaves come to life on your skin.

Experience petal perfection as our skilled hands create detailed and vibrant flower tattoos that are indeed works of art. At STC, we’re passionate about translating your love for nature and symbolism into a timeless and beautiful piece of body art.

Skull and Flower Tattoo

Skull and flower tattoos are more than ink on the skin; they carry deep meanings and unique aesthetics. Our talented artists specialize in creating one-of-a-kind designs that blend these elements seamlessly, resulting in stunning pieces that speak to individuality and creativity. The possibilities are endless, from delicate roses intertwined with skull motifs to bold sunflowers emerging from eye sockets. Consider placement ideas like the forearm for a striking visual impact or the back for a larger canvas to showcase the intricate details. Embrace the symbolism, explore the uniqueness, and let your skull and flower tattoo tell your story.

Skull and Flower Tattoo  
SymbolismUnique DesignsPlacement Ideas
– Represents life and death– Skulls combined with roses– Forearm for visibility
– Balance between beauty and darkness– Intricate floral patterns on skulls– Back for larger designs
– Transformation and growth– Creative fusion of elements– Thigh for a bold statement

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Tattoo Design?

Yes, you can bring your custom design us. During an artist consultation, discuss your vision and any design restrictions. Once your design is approved, your tattoo artist will bring your unique creation to life.

Do You Provide Aftercare Instructions?

STC provides comprehensive aftercare instructions as you embark on your tattoo journey. They guide you through the healing process and skin care, ensuring proper tattoo maintenance for long-term care. Their expert advice prevents infections and avoids mistakes.

Are Walk-Ins Accepted or by Appointment Only?

When you’re ready to adorn your skin with artistry’s touch, experience the ease of walk-in availability or secure your spot with an appointment preference. Your convenience is paramount!

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Tattoos?

You must meet the legal age requirements. Parental consent is crucial for minors. Responsible tattooing is a priority, ensuring a safe and positive experience for all clients.


Experience the magic of STC near Mesa, AZ!

Our award-winning walk-in shop boasts the most talented artists in Mesa, offering a clean and safe environment for your tattoo journey.

Choose us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling inspired and visually stunning.

Your unique vision awaits!