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Xtian Carden | Stylized Realism & Black and Gray Tattoo Artist

Pronounced krisCHən

Number of years tattooing: 15

Tattooing style: Stylized realism and black and gray

Painting medium: I mostly paint digitally now, but I do paint in oils, charcoal and powder pastels. I also replicate movie props: full-sized Star Wars droids, movie accurate cosplay armor and weapons, etc.

Go-to tattoo machine: Probably the Bishop rotary and Italian SunSkin machines, but I still use coils from time to time.

Favorite tattoo convention: Hell City Tattoo Festival in Phoenix

Artistic influence: It’s pretty hard to find a piece of art that I don’t like something about, and equally as hard to find an artist that doesn’t inspire me in one way or another.  I feel as a tattoo artist that I should never stop learning and growing

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